Monday, 23 January 2017

Heart of My Home

Lovely Readers - do we have a treat for you today!
Karolina has simply outdone herself... Her new artwork is something you have never seen before on my blog! :)
Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an altering feast.

Hello, everyone!
Karolina here and today, I have for you something very special, a unique object with a soul of its own. Are you ready? :)
In general, I love to give second life to things - why? Apart from it being a very eco thing to do, I also love the idea of giving ordinary objects a completely new purpose, a new destiny of sorts.
So today I have for you a brand new altered project of mine - a typewriter!
Apart from having a beautiful artsy typewriter at home, I also had this idea to treat it as a kind of an original display for photos.
I can already feel that this thing will be the very heart of my studio and home.
If you want to see how I altered my typewriter, there's a step by step video waiting for you below.

First, I of course started with thorough cleaning and drying and then covered everything with Heavy White Gesso.
I love all kinds of distressing effects so you will see how I used different media to create a vintage, time-worn look for my machine.
The best products to achieve this kind of effect are Finnabair's new Art Alchemy Brilliance Waxes (I used Fire Ruby); here I combined them with new Sparks Acrylic Paints (Fairy Wings and Raven Black).
Thanks to these products I easily managed to give my typewriter a distinctive character of its own. They have a beautiful shine and I must admit I fell in love with the Waxes and Sparks right away.
I wanted to created some special textured touches so in some spots I used Modeling Paste and Graphite Art Extravagance Texture Paste through different stencils.
To add even more interesting texture, I recommend trying out new Finnabair's Stone Effect Paste - I used Pumice applied with a silicone brush here and there.
After that I glued some embellishments with Soft Gels (both Gloss and Matte).
I stamped a canvas strips (making a cute ribbon this way) with some of my favorite inspiring sentiments from Finnabair's stamps sets.
I also used the stamps to do some freehand stamping here and there on the whole machine.
I love all kinds of 3D elements to decorate my art with so of course I couldn't resist adding them here.
The metal embellishments add a scpecial kind of charm to my typewriter and really emphasize its vintage beauty.
There are also stickers on the keyboard - I put a bit of gel medium on them which created a sort of a glass effect with a pretty glossy shine. You can also get ready made 'buttons' like that - check out Finnabair's Typewriter Words and Numbers.
The spaces between the buttons are filled with cheescloth and sisal fibers.
A delicate final touch of green Sparks paints and copper Wax - I'm not too keen on green and red but somehow they worked perfectly here.
Finally, everything was ready to place my family photos.
So are you ready for my video to see how it all happpened? :)
I hope you'll enjoy it and if you have any questions at all, please leave them in the comments.


I just love altering objects, especially adding the final touches.
It's always such a special point in the creative process - just me and my artwork, a private moment of a magical dialogue between me and my art.

I truly hope you will love my typewriter as much as I do. :)
And I hope I tempted you to alter some interesting objects in your house.

Happy creating!

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Finnabair's Classes in 2017 - Schedule!

Hi guys!
Today I wanted to share with you my plans for 2017 spring classes.
I'm so excited for these new art adventures, the chance to show you the possibilities of my brand new products but most of all - I can't wait to feel this special vibe when creative people gather in one room and share their love for art. :)

Here's what I have waiting for you in the first 6 months of the year:

11-19 February 2017 - Classes for Scrapbook Studio in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa

25-26 February 2017 

- Classes in Bournemouth, UK 


4-5 March 2017 

- Classes for in Tallinn, Estonia 

- bookings here!


9-10 March 2017 

- Mimms Shop and Studio, Israel 

- bookings here!

31 March-2 April 2017 - Clipper Street, BC, Canada - bookings here!

5-9 April 2017 - Art Is You 

- Santa Rosa - USA

19-22 April 2017 - Art Is You  

- Minneapolis - USA 


5-9 May 2017 - Classes in Khabarovsk, Russia

20-21 May 2017 - Sckraparlusten, Malmo, Sweden

3-4 June 2017 - Applied Creativity, Coventry, UK - bookings here! 

10-11 June 2017- Classes in Dublin, Ireland

Have you found your town on the list? :)

If you'd like to know more about the classes I teach, read about them {here}.

As you can see, many of the bookings are open already so I hope you won't hesitate and some day soon I will have the chance to meet you in person during one of my live classes and we'll create some beautiful mixed media art together!
See you there!

Friday, 20 January 2017

I Heart Color

Hi Dear Friends!
Kassa's here today with a mixed media piece that is an absolute feast for the eyes!
She's not only super informative and creative with my new products but also - as always - so vibrantly joyful and encouraging that I'm sure she will make you all grab your paintbrushes right away! :) Happy creating!
Hi there lovelies!
Tis an exciting time to be creating and posting over here on the blog with all the new products that have been released. I am so excited by all of them therefore I had to use all of them in my latest step by step... :)
Again you will see I'm inspired by nature, the longing for warmer days and of course all things colourful. Who doesn't need a splash of colour to brighten their day? I know I do aa it makes me so haPPy... :)

Step 1.
I bought my wooden heart at a local thrift store and to add some texture to it, I started with a few coats of Gesso, adhered cheesecloth and Art Stones with Soft Matte Gel.
Then I added a sprinkle or two of the Texture Powder - it thickens everything up which creates more texture (it's never outta my hands!).
Then I pasted the new Stone Effect Paste in Concrete through the 'Bubbles' stencil. This Concrete Paste is sooo thick, gravely and grainy, well... just like the actual concrete! :)

Step 2.
Once everything was dry, I lightly spritzed my background with water and randomly painted on the uber sparkly Sparks Paints (I used Dragon's Eye and Fairy Wings).
When you spritz again lightly with water (quickly before the paint dries), you can watch the paints blend and merge into each other and the background. The sparkles in the paints ooze out even more as the sparkles partially separate from the paint colour - pure magic!
Step 3.
While the background dried, I prepared the clay shapes. They are very simple to create - just push a small lump of the clay into the mould, push down firmly, (I drag a ruler across the top of the mould to trim the excess clay), then ease the pretty clay shape from the mould.

You can adhere the shape in place whilse wet too but I let mine partially dry before coating in Black Gesso with a few sprinkles of Mini Art Stones and a sprinkle or three of the Texture Powder.
I also coated a length of Wire Thread and Mechanicals with the same Black Gesso.
It gives the Rust Pastes a great base to adhere to when applying to Mechanicals.
Step 4.
With the background dry and ready for the Rust Pastes, I applied one on top of the other with a silicone brush and a paintbrush for the finer detail.
I started with the Brown Rust, followed by the Red Rust then the Gold Rust. Quickly before they dried, I spritzed the rust pastes with water so the colours merged and spread out, and then formed the drips when I was holding the heart vertically. The excess water and stains were simply mopped with a kitchen towel.
I followed a similar pattern when applying the Rust Pastes to the Mechanicals (NOT the Butterflies though). I covered a strip of the Resist Canvas and the Wire Thread too.
Step 5.
The dry and gessoed clay shapes were covered in the ULTRA shiny Waxes with my fingertips and a small headed paintbrush for any nooks and crannies you wish to get in.
I start with the lightest colours first adding a little here and there randomly. As the color of the wax darkens or brightens I just add a dab or too.
Step 6.
I love to adhere everything in place with the 3D Matte Gel but the Melange Art Pebbles set perfectly and you can still see through them with a thin coat of the Soft Matte Gel. I leave the butterflies off at this point still.
Once everything has dried, it was time to apply the Blue Patina Pastes. Using a small paintbrush, I applied as is in the pot nice and thick, pushing it into the deeper corners. It's also great thinned out with water and used as a colour wash. Add a spritz of water to dilute and blend out the Blue Patina, but add more layers to get the uber bright effect.
Step 7.
The Mint-Green Paste is slightly thicker which adds an amazing crusty-like Patina effect. This too I added straight from the pot and watered down.
I added the super shiny Brass Paste with an almost dry brush. It's perfect when you add just flecks of it thicker here and there to highlight and add shine.

Step 8.
For extra 'PoP' I added splats of the Gold Rust Paste and taking a Yellow Oil Pastel and holding down the 'Bubbles' stencil firmly and close to the background, I scribbled through the holes in the stencil and rubbed the pastel with my fingers.
Step 9.
To color the butterflies I used the new super shiny and luscious scented Waxes: Metallique, Antique Brilliance and Opal Magic.
I used mainly my fingertips and a paintbrush for the hard to get to places.
Then adhered the butterflies with the 3D Matte Gel.
Step 10.
Finally, I added all the sweet finishing touches that make my heart sing: a few Black Micro Beads on and around the butterflies, sprinkled with Black Glitter too. Also added a few around the Mechanicals and clay moulds.
I added some Splash Micro Beads over some of the Patina and in and around the Art Pebbles too, also with a sprinkle of the yummy aqua glitter from the Abloom Glitter set.
Between the butterflies wings I sprinkled a concoction of Glitters and just a tiny bit of Clear Crystal Beads on the body. This creates a great focal point and draws the eye to the butterflies.
After a little light stamping around the edges and a doodle or three (try doodling on the Art Pebbles - so cool!) with black and white journal pens, I added black and white splats with slightly watered down Gesso.
Finally, a few splats of the Pure Sunshine and Wild Fuchsia Art Alchemy paints on and around the butterflies.

So, I'm off to play more more more with my new Finnabair goodies!

I can't wait for you all to get your hands on them too and see what delights you create.
You will like me have soooo much FUN and be soooo haPPy, it won't be long now! :)

Mwah xoxo

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